Sapporo Seed Co, based in Sapporo, Japan, is a flower- and vegetable-breeding company.

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Sapporo Seed Co, based in Sapporo, Japan, is a flower- and vegetable-breeding company
Date of establishment 1931
Corporate name Sapporo Seed Co
Phone / Fax
17Kita -17-1, Hondori, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo
003-0027 Japan
Phone: +81-(0)11-8660011
Business Breeding of flower and vegetable seeds and plants Seed development
Wholesaling, export and import of flower and vegetable seeds
Capital 30,000,000 yen
President Masami MOCHIZUKI

Masato MOCHIZUKI began operating in Sapporo in 1931. Since then, we have specialized in flower- and vegetable-breeding and seed development.

We have developed new and modified varieties using modern breeding methods such as mutation, seed selection, and cross-breeding.

Unique Registration System
We have created a database of stock seeds, classified by variety and characteristics. This data, including photographic information is recorded and stored in the database.

In line with the Seeds and Seedlings Law, We are registering some of the new varieties we have developed.

Foundation Seed and Stock Seed
We have collected and stored foundation seeds and stock seeds in controlled conditions in order to produce pure and healthy seeds and plants.

Seed Development
Carefully conducting research and production, we, in cooperation with our partners domestic and overseas, have developed many varietiesof seeds and plants.

Sorting and Cleaning
Using tools and methods suitable to each variety, our experts sort and clean seeds of many types.

Visual Inspection
As seed potential differs, depending on the conditions in which plants or seeds are grown, collected, and handled, we visually inspect every seed batch.

Germination Test
We conduct germination tests according to the International Seed Testing Association’s standards.

We test, in a controlled manner, every batch of every variety we develop or purchase to verify seed quality.

Inventory Control
We maintain strict inventory control in order to provide our customers with healthy, superior quality seeds, delivered in a timely fashion.